What makes us different?

Showcasing the story behind each wine
Wine is much more than fermented grape juice - there is hard work, passion and love behind each label. One of our missions is to convey that story so you can fully appreciate each sip of wine.
Reviewing each wine
Each wine we represent has been graded on 100 points by our sister site Points on Wine, one of Canada's leading online wine journals. These reviews also include professional tasting notes to help you better understand what you are drinking.
Enhancing your shopping experience
For our products that are not available in SAQ stores, you can buy directly from Wines by Alexander through the website. Once purchased, these wines can then be picked up at your local SAQ store.
Hand selecting each winery
Each winery we partner with has been hand-selected. Basically, we only work with wineries that respect our values and produce wines we would drink every night.

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