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Soter Vineyards | Quebec
Soter Vineyards | Quebec

How Alexander describes Soter:

"Spending the 80’s and 90’s in California producing some of the most legendry classic Cabernet’s at Spottswoode, Dalla Valle and Shafer; Tony Soter moved to Oregon in 1997 to start producing some of Oregon’s most exciting Pinot Noir. Soter Pinot Noirs are pure and textured, that taste more Burgundian than Californian. Today, Tony Soter is the leader in Oregon Pinot Noirs!"


Tony Soter






Willamette Valley

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Pinot Noir

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Planet Oregon Pinot Noir

Soter Vineyards Mineral Springs Ranch


Wines by Alexander, a Quebec wine agency, is proud to present Soter.

Tony started his career in Napa in 1975 when there were only 30 wineries! He was in the right place at the right time, and saw the birth of Napa Valley with early jobs at both Spring Mountain Vineyard and Chappellet. In 1982 he moved to Spottswoode to be their first winemaker, which he farmed organically from day 1. He also worked at Shafer, Dalla Valle and Arauju. Tony works in the vineyards to best express each site without forcing his own style, a rare talent in the wine industry today. Tony enjoyed working with Cabernet, yet his true love was for Burgundy and Pinot Noir, this got him exploring Oregon in the mid-1990’s, however he kept working a harvest with Etude in California until 2006 when he sold the estate to TWE(Treasury Wine Estate). After the sale of Etude, Tony decided to permanently move to Oregon and Willamette Valley. After a few trials of different sites, he fell in love with Mineral Spring Ranch, and with the help of his wife Michelle Soter he transformed the ranch into a Biodynamic farm and winery with over 40 acres of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Michelle unfortunately passed away in 2019, however Tony is continuing their vision, and is now producing some of the most exciting and highly sort-after Pinot Noirs in Oregon. The Planet Oregon Pinot Noir is Tony’s expression of what a Oregon Pinot Noir should taste like, and at $40, this certainly shows the true potential of Oregon at a price point everyone can enjoy. 



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