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How Alexander describes Spottswoode:

"Spottswoode is often described as the Château Margaux of Napa, and I can’t disagree. These wines have fantastic purity of fruit, and are dynamic, with their dusty tannins and Old World elegance. The focus is to showcase the vintage and the vineyard; they achieve all of this under an organic and biodynamic setting. Spottswoode produces some of the best wines in California, if not the world: one taste and you will be hooked!"


Beth Novak Milliken




Napa, California


St. Helena

Wines Produced

Red: Cabernet Sauvignon Blend

White: Sauvignon Blanc

Famous For

Spottswoode Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 - 100 points

Spottswoode Sauvignon Blanc 2019 - 94 points


Wines by Alexander, a Quebec wine agency, is proud to present Spottswoode.

Spottswoode’s current history dates back to 1972, when Jack and Mary Novak moved from Southern California to Napa to ‘try something different.’ In 1977, at just 44 years of age, Jack Novak died of a heart attack. After Jack’s death, Mary and her five children decided they should stay in the valley with the friends and connections they had made. At first, Spottswoode was just selling grapes, yet in 1982 with the help of Tony Soter, they produced their first estate wine. Tony helped to shape Spottswoode into what it is today, including using organic viticulture along with removing Zinfandel from the estate. As of 2006, Aron Weinkauf became vineyard manager and winemaker, a role which he sees as interconnected. Aron introduced biodynamics to the estate in 2009, which allowed for both healthy vines as well as a complete ecosystem within the vineyard. President of Spottswoode, Beth Novak Milliken is the daughter of Jack and Mary, and carries on her parents’ dream by producing world-class wines, which attract both New and Old World wine lovers.



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