Frequently asked questions

What is a private order?

Who can place a private order with Wines by Alexander?

  • All individuals and restaurants in the province of Quebec, Canada can buy wines from us through our website.


Why should I purchase wines through a private order?

  • The main reason to buy wines through a private order in Quebec is to get access to wines that are not available in SAQ stores.

  • Another good reason to buy wines through Wines by Alexander is that all our wines are highly rated and produced in small quantities.

  • Finally, with Wines by Alexander, you get access to all the technical information behind each label.


Do wines purchased through a private order get the same care than wines available in SAQ stores?

  • Absolutely! Having the SAQ control all alcohol entry into the province does have certain advantages, such as all wines going through the same shipping conditions and storage in the SAQ warehouse before ending up in your cellar.


How do I place an order?


For products that are listed on our website, it is a very simple 5-step process:

  1. Select a wine and enter the number of cases you want to buy (most of our products are packed in cases of six (6) bottles). Add as many different products as you want in your basket. Minimum purchase of one case.

  2. Go to checkout and pay the promotional agent fee directly on the website.

  3. Receive a confirmation email that shows your order and the expected delay before your bottles are available for pick-up (that delay will depend on the purchased wines as some of them might not have arrived in Quebec when you order).

  4. Receive a notification from the SAQ confirming that your bottles are ready to be picked-up at the store closest to you which accepts private orders.

  5. Pick up your order and pay the balance in the SAQ store.


That being said, if you prefer talking to someone in the team about your order, please send us an email at and it will be our pleasure to discuss our wines with you and place your order manually.


For a wine produced by one of our partners that you tasted and loved, but is not listed on our website, simply send us an email at and we will do our very best to make it work. Note however that all wines are sold in cases of six (6) bottles (except some wines that may come in cases of three (3) bottles).


How do I recuperate my order?


Does my order get delivered at home or do I have to pick it up?

  • All orders go through the SAQ and must by picked-up in one of their stores that accept private orders. In the confirmation email you will receive from us, the SAQ from which you must pick up you order will be shown (that location will be based on the address you provided when you ordered).


What should I bring to pick up my order at the SAQ store?

  • You must bring a piece of ID as well as the confirmation email you received from us.


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