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“Russell Bevan is a larger-than-life personality, and his wines reflect this. They are full-bodied, lush, full of personality, terroir-focused, long-lived with fine tannins. These wines are unique and like nothing else that can be found in California.”

Wines by Alexander | Bevan Wine Quebec
Wines by Alexander | Quebec wine agency

“We wanted to give you access to all these quality wines while making your shopping experience simpler and your tasting experience richer.”

- Dominique Lavoie , co-founder of Wines by Alexander -

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Bevan Wines Quebec | Tench 2016

Bevan Cellars Tench 2016 - $310,25

Wines by Alexander | Quebec wine agency

“We would enjoy any of these wines tonight with the same excitement than the very first time!” 

– Alexander Smith, co-founders of Wines by Alexander -

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