“We have hand-selected each one of our wines which are produced by passionate people, who put so much love in every bottle!”

- Alexander Smith, co-founder of Wines by Alexander -

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“Family-owned and -operated along with being sustainable are not what you find in Napa these days. Groth is one of only a handful of estates that still operates this way and is able to produce some of the most sought-after, highly-rated wines in California. Groth produces wines of exceptional quality true to their terroir.”


“We wanted to give you access to all these quality wines while making your shopping experience simpler and your tasting experience richer.”

- Dominique Lavoie , co-founder of Wines by Alexander -

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“We would enjoy any of these wines tonight with the same excitement than the very first time!” 

– Alexander Smith & Dominique Lavoie, co-founders of Wines by Alexander -

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