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Vins par Alexander | Quebec Wine Agency

Wines by Alexander | Premium new world wines

Quebec wine agency 

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"Dalla Valle is the original Cult Winery of Napa Valley, and it is impossible to not fall in love with their wines; their approach to Organic farming, or their two adorable corgis.  I don’t know anyone in Napa who breathes and lives the vines as much as Maya Dalla Valle. Their wines are consistently the highest-scoring wines in Napa and never disappoint.  This is as close to perfection as you get!"

Wines by Alexander | Quebec wine agency

“We wanted to give you access to all these quality wines while making your shopping experience simpler and your tasting experience richer.”

- Dominique Lavoie , co-founder of Wines by Alexander -

Wines by Alexander | Quebec wine agency

“We would enjoy any of these wines tonight with the same excitement than the very first time!” 

– Alexander Smith, co-founders of Wines by Alexander -

Available soon!


Alexander Valley Vineyards Zinfandel 


Dunn Howell Mountain 2019


Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon


Dunn Napa Valley 2019

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